Sanctuary Cities, What should we do

Featuring: President Donald Trump; LAPD Chief of Police, Charlie Beck; City of Los Angeles, Mayor, Eric Garcetti; and Economist Milton Friedman.

I am in favor of immigration. I just want to get any ideas that I am not in support of legal immigration squashed. I am just not in support of open borders. Immigration is good for our country.

In this video, I will review and make comments on:
President Donald Trump’s campaign promises, Barack Obama’s comments made on immigration and Bill Clinton’s State of the Union Address.

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti and Police Chief, Charlie Beck are included to make comments on regarding their views on sanctuary cities and immigration.

Towards the end of this video I have included Milton Friedman’s comments on immigration and the welfare state. Friedman was an economist, not a politician; so, I feel he gives a non-biased view on immigration.


Eric Garcetti on CNN:
Charlie Beck:
Milton Friedman:

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